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Soil Vigor: Large Granules, 3 Pounds

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Soil Soil Vigor® 

Size: 5-10 mesh (similar to rock salt)

Commercial-Grade Potassium Superabsorbent Polymer
Water Storing Crystal Gel
Reduces the Need for Plant Watering
Save Water, Time & Money on Plants
Can retain up to 800 times its weight in water 
  • Works as a "water reservoir" for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Protect plants from heat, drought, under-watering and drowning
  • Absorbs water and fertilizer releases them to plants as needed
  • Polymer expansion and shrinkage promote automatic soil aeration
  • Lasts up to 7 years in the soil
  • Savings of approximately 50% on water/fertilizer costs and reduces run-off

Soil Vigor® is a water-storing crystal gel developed to reduce the water needed to maintain vigorous plants and other greenery. When mixed into the soil, these hydro crystals soften and swell as they absorb water and fertilizer. As the soil dries, the super-absorbent polymer releases its stored water to the plant, acting as a water reservoir. Even during periods of drought, Soil Vigor ensures that stored water is gradually released to the plant, promoting its health and vitality. Ideal for gardening, plant care, water conservation, drought resistance, and soil hydration management.

Vacation Worry-Free: Water your plants thoroughly before leaving for vacation, and let Soil Vigor®  take care of the rest for up to 3 weeks. When you return home, your plants will be thriving and healthy.

Potassium-Based and Safe for All Plants: Suitable for lawns, flowers, vegetable gardens, potted plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, hedges, and more.

Important Note: Leave about a 3" space from the top when filling the container with Soil Vigor® and soil, as it expands significantly after watering.

Do Not apply soil Vigor® as a top dressing; it is extremely slippery.

  • <p>Easy to Use </p>

    Easy to Use

    Mix Soil Vigor® into the soil near your plant's roots. It helps the soil retain moisture and provides nutrients for plants to use

  • Save $
    Save $
    • Savings of approximately  50% on water/fertilizer
      costs and reduces run-off.
    • Lasts up to 7 years in the soil

Soil Vigor Application : Potting Plants

Pot Size
Teaspoon XS
Tablespoon XS
Ounce XS
Pot Size4-5" 8" 10"/1 GAL. 3 GAL 5 GAL. 10 GAL. 15 GAL.20 GAL. 30 GAL.50 GAL.
Teaspoon0.5 1 1.5
Tablespoon 0.5 1 2 46 8 1216
Ounce 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 4 6 8

* When fill the container with Soil Vigor ® and soil, leave about a 3-inch gap from the top. Soil Vigor ® expands a lot after watering. Do NOT top dress or place Soil Vigor ® on the surface. It is extremely slippery.

Soil Vigor Application: Veggie gardens, herb & flower beds

Volume of soil *
tablespoon / Pound XS
Volume of soil *1 CU FT 10 CU FT 50 CU FT. 1 CU YD. 10 CU YD. 50 CU YD.
tablespoon / Pound3 TBSP.0.75 LB. 3.75 LB. 2 LB. 2O LB. 100 LB.

* Cubic Foot of Soil. (cu ft. ). ** Cubic Yards of Soil (cu yd.). ***1 cu ft. of garden soil weighs about 75-100 lbs. **** 1 cu yd. of garden soil weighs about 1,500-2,000 lbs.

Soil Vigor Application: Lawns (laying sod &seeding)

size of lawns
Pound XS
size of lawns150 SQ FT. 750 SQ FT.1 ACRE
Pound1 LB.5 LB. 290 LB.

* 1 acre = 43,560 square feet. Do NOT top dress or place Soil Vigor® on the surface. When used on a lawn, it should be applied to a new lawn.

Soil Vigor Application: Plant Root

Plant Root Ball Size by Foot
Tablespoon / ounce XS
Plant Root Ball Size by Foot1 FT. 1.5 FT. 1.5 FT. 5 FT.
Tablespoon / ounce4 TBSP. / 2 OZ.6 TBSP. / 3 OZ. 8 TBSP. / 4 OZ. 20 TBSP. / 10 OZ.

* Moistening the root ball during plant transplantation minimizes stress and supports healthy root growth, aiding successful adaptation to the new surroundings.