Soil Moist SAP Super Absorbent Polymer® water storing crystal gel

  • Water-storing polymer can store up to 600 times its weight in water.
  • It acts as an excellent "water reservoir" in the soil for plant roots.
  • It absorbs water available and releases it to plants as needed.
  • Protect plants from heat, drought, under-watering, and drowning

Soil Moist SAP Super Absorbent Polymer ® reduces the watering of plants by up to 50%, an excellent automatic watering and irrigation solution.

Commercial-grade, SAP is an environmentally safe soil conditioning preparation comprised of superabsorbent polymer granules.

Excellent for house plants, flowers bed, vegetable gardens, herbs, lawns, shrubs, trees. Especially for turf applications for a smooth surface, like a golf course lawn.

Size: 20-100 mesh. / 0.850mm-0.150mm. fine granules.

Use Instructions: Add Soil Moist SAP Super Absorbent Polymer ®  to the growing media (dirt, soil) and mix thoroughly.

SAP is long-lasting and reusable in soil for up to 7 years.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic.


Benefits Include:

  • A 50% savings on water and fertilizer costs by reducing runoff.
  • Acts as an excellent water reservoir in soil (at plant roots).
  • Reduction in bulk soil density through efficient use of water and fertilizer.
  • Enables the development of healthy plant roots for strong and vibrant plant life.
  • Increases the seed germination rate with ample water and nutrients.
  • Boosts successful plant transplanting results.
  • A natural automatic 'vacation-away" watering solu