Emergency Flood Control Super Absorbent Polymer Bag


Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’ made of hessian is a cotton inner bag filled with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) for emergency and general preparedness flooding and erosion control.


Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’ can absorb water and acts as a barrier to divert surrounding moving water from the desired protected infrastructure.


Appropriate Way to Lay the ‘Sandbag’: Lay the bag flat and roughly parallel to the expected direction of flow of water.


Additional Ways to Use Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’

  • Meat Absorbent Tray Pad at restaurants and meat processing facilities.
  • Moisture Control Bag as it works like a sponge to absorb moisture that can lead to rust, mildew and odors. It does not drip and does not release toxic fumes or vapors.


Compared to traditional sandbags the Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’:

  • Light weight, economically friendly in terms of monetary, time and labor in working against floods.
  • Easy to use. Automatically absorbs in only 3-5 minutes. Expands from 12 oz. to 35 lbs. with quick and easy deployment.
  • Extremely efficient as it requires no more storage space than empty traditional sandbags.
  • Ready to use at any time.


Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’

SKU: 60sb5
  • Bag Size: 23.6 X 14.6 inches

    Before Water Absorption Weight: 12 oz.

    Post Water Absorption Weight: Up to 35 lbs. (16kg)

    Full Absorption Time: 3-5 minutes

    Ready to Use At Anytime