Moist SAP™ Sandless ‘Sandbag’


  • Sandless Sandbags, Emergency Flood Control Super Water Absorbent Polymer Bags
  • Stop flooding in home, workshops, garages and basements.
  • Self-activating bags expand on contact with water. No sand needed.
  • Automatically absorbs water in only 3-5 minutes. It expands from 12 oz. to 35 lbs.
  • Efficient: small storage space, and easy to deploys
  • Reusable. Shrinks down when fully dry.*
  • Note: Cannot be used with salt water.


Moist SAP™‘Sandbag’ made of hessian is a cotton inner bag filled with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) for emergency and general preparedness flooding and erosion control.

Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’can absorbs water and acts as a barrier to divert surrounding moving water from the desired protected infrastructure.

The appropriate way to Lay the ‘Sandbag’: Lay the bag flat and roughly parallel to the expected direction of flow of water.


Additional ways to Use Moist SAP™ ‘Sandbag’

  • Meat Absorbent Tray Pad at restaurants and meat processing facilities.
  • Moisture Control Bag works like a sponge to absorb moisture, leading to rust, mildew, and odors. However, it does not drip and releases toxic fumes or vapors.



  • Shrinks while evaporating in direct sunlight.
  • Takes about 2-3 months to fully dry.
  • Eventually contents will breakdown.
  • Becomes slimy when no longer reusable.

Moist SAP™ Sandless ‘Sandbag’

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