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Prospector Pete’s Fortune in Gems – Magic stone, transforming from rock to gems before your eyes.


Use ideas: Party goody bags, classroom party, science projects, perfect size to use as stocking stuffers and Christmas party


Our story goes; prospector Pete spent his whole life amassing his vast fortune in gemstones. To protect his fortune, he entered the world of magical leprechauns to hide his treasure of gems in ugly dull toy rocks. Unfortunately, the leprechauns didn’t give him enough magical potions to turn all the toy rocks back into his treasure in gemstones. This magic potion turns out to be the ordinary municipal tap water of today. This is where the fun for the kids starts by just soaking the rocks in a large bowl of 7 cups of cold tap water for about 8 hours.


Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable

Prospector Pete's Fortune in Gems-5 pack

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