One pound of science Gone Fun ® Instant Snow Powder, adding water, will make about 8 gallons of fluffy snow.


Create Colorful Rainbow Snow: by adding a few drops of food color to the water first.


Things To Do With Fake Instant Snow:

  • Winter science activity for kids.
  • Holiday decoration.
  • Create a snowy scene. Make snowball, snowman.
  • Make a winter terrarium, snow globe.
  • Sensory sensation play
  • Freeze Instant Snow to make it even more snow-like. Snow towers. Snow fort.
  • You can create snow play areas, photo areas, and instant snow for small and large events where kids and adults will play in the snow for hours or endless fun days.
  • Mixing 1 scoop of Instant-Snow powder with 2 ounces of room temperature water produces the best quality snow.


Melt The Snow

  • If you add salt to instant snow, it melts, just like real snow! Because salt breaks the polymer down, releasing the water!


Warming: Instant Snow is as slippery as real snow, so you should always clean up a walking path if needed.

Instant Snow Powder 1 Pound

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