Super Absorbent Diaper Polymer - 1 pound jar


Super Absorbent Diaper Polymer (SAP), also known as Sodium Polyacrylate, is a chemical polymer of acrylate chains. It can absorb and retain water up to 600 times its mass and increase volume!


What happens to the powder when adding water to it? The powder and the water will turn into a jelly solid.


Undo the physical reaction: When you add salt to the polymer water mixture, the salt starts to suck up the water and release it from the polymer. Super cool.


You can also color the gel by adding a few drops of food color to the water first.


The secret of the vanishing water: How does chemistry help seal away liquid in diapers and other absorbent products? Try this Science Gone Fun Diaper Polymer science activity and find out!


Many uses Ideas:

  • An excellent way for kids to study science.
  • 'Disappearing water' magic tricks.
  • Make ice packs.
  • Spill, flood control.
  • Emergency/travel toilet alternatives solutions.
  • Agriculture water retention agents.


Safe, Not-Toxic. A CPSC-accepted lab tested it in the USA. It complied with the ASTM F963-17 & the CPSIA. See the image for the test report.

Diaper Polymer 1 Pound

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