Soil Vigor® - Potassium based Super Absorbent Hydro Polymer, 5 Ponds bag

Size: Medium , 5-10 Mesh

Eco- Friendly Non Toxic

SOIL VIGOR® is made of environmentally safe polymer crystals designed for all water loving house plants, trees, shrubs, vegetable and flower gardens, and lawns of all sizes.

Soil Vigor® is long lasting and reusable for up to 7 years.

Application Type:

Application Rate: meas. abbr. teaspoon(tsp.), tablespoon(tbsp.)

Seedlings,Transplan          Potting Plants

6"pot-2tsp; 8"-4tsp;10"-6tsp; 5gallon-4tbsp.

Trees & Shrubs

Apply SV to roots at 4lbs/ cubic yard of panting media

Flower/Garden Beds

4oz per 70 lbs. soil. 4 lbs. per 1 cubic yard.

Lawns and Sod

10lbs per 1000 sq. ft. IF TILLED 6' INTO GROUND.

Soil Vigor 5 lbs.

SKU: 10sv5lb
    • SAVE 50% on water/fertilizer cost - Reduces run-off.
    • Natural Automatic Vacation-Away Watering Solution.
    • Boost successful plant/shrub/tree transplanting outcomes.
    • Natural aerating without effort or mechanical means.
    • Increase seed germination rate with ample water/nutrients.
    • Healthy root development for stronger/vibrant plant life.
    • Create your own Time-release water-soluble fertilizers.
    • Earth-Friendly; Protects ground water from toxic fertilizer