Most people know that a diaper polymer can hold quite a bit of liquid, but you might be surprised to see how much. So while adding water to a diaper polymer and watching it solidify is fascinating.


Magic trick:

  • Put a scoop of those tiny crystals nontoxic polymer into a small clear cup.
  • Fill the cup with about 4 ounces of water. Watch the polymer absorb the water and turn in to thicken clear gel.
  • Observe the gel that the polymer and water create. Then, turn the cup upside down and see how it has solidified. Now you know the super, moisture-absorbing secret hiding in the lining of a baby diaper.


Make ice pack: Packing some of this stuff into an airtight bag and freezing it overnight to make an improvised ice pack that won't leak.


Extract water from superabsorbent polymer: Add a teaspoon of salt or acid, stir it with a spoon, and watch what happens. Salt messes up the gel's water-holding abilities.


You can create a science fair project by identifying a variable or something to change in this experiment.


You can use food coloring (Not including) to change the color of the gels.


Diaper Polymers 8 oz.

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