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Frequently asked questions

How much water beads for a vase?

3 grams of beads will yield about 1.5 to 2 cups of water gel balls.

10 grams of beads will yield about 6 cups of water gel balls.

4 oz. of beads yields about 48 cups (about 3 gallon) of water gel balls.

8 oz. of beads yields about 96 cups (about 6 gallon) of water gel balls.

The cup sizes are the standard 8 ounce cups.

For a rule of thumb, test with cups of water in vase. Beads will take up more space than the water due to beads having air pockets between them.

How to hydrate water beads?

Follow the simple to use directions on back of packages and/or the listed instructions below.
1. Apply beads in extra large bowl with water.
2. Allow 8 - 10 hours for the beads to fully expand.
3. Remove the expanded beads from the excess water to the desired container.

Rehydration of water beads is necessary due to dehydration.


Please note the usual hydration time yields to about 8 hours. However the time may shorten by 3 - 5 hours by hydrating with warm distilled water (not hot tap water). Distilled water will yield larger size beads than if using tap water.

How to add color to Instant Snow?

Just add a few drops of food coloring to the water before mixing with the Instant Snow powder. The result will yield a colorful and confetti-like snow!

Why Moist SAP uses potassium polyacrylate in soil for all plants?

Moist SAP only uses commercial grade quality potassium polyacrylate for all plants use.

Other companies sell sodium or low quality potassium polyacrylate for plant use to make big profits despite the negative effects it has on plants. Below is a comparison between potassium polyacrylate and sodium polyacrylate.

B2B - Damages and Defects

We ask to please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Contact us at info@moistsap.com within 5 days of order delivery of any damaged or defective shipments.

Damaged and/or defective merchandise may be returned for replacement merchandise. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if held for more than 15 days after delivery.

B2B Return policy

We offer our clients a 100% money-back guarantee on our highest quality and low-priced products. In addition, we buy back unsold inventory (items must be in original packaging and unopened).

Returns must be made in writing with the invoice number included. Write us directly within 180 days of delivery date.

Refunds are applied to actual paid amount for merchandise only. Shipping fees are non refundable. The client is responsible for all return shipping fees.

Returns are not accepted without approval and delivery instructions for transport.

For any merchandise returned as ‘unsuitable’, a restocking fee of 20% plus shipping is charged back to clients.

Please email us with details of the merchandise prior to processing and shipping the return.

Refunds are promptly and only credited back to original method of payment. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be posted.